Architect's Note
Find a Hosk
Prize Gallery

Grand Prizes

1 x Retro Sounds
1 x FudPet


Badass CNFTs

1 x MrFan
Fan Club
1 x The Hoskinsons

Badass Hosks

Welcome to the Hosk-Of-Fortune! My most beautiful creation yet.

Pull the lever and see if you’ve won a prize, but first you’ll need to own a Hosk with one of these traits…

  • Byron
  • Dribble
  • No Brows
  • Angry
  • Mullet
  • New Age
  • KO
  • War Paint
  • Cardano Shield
  • ETH Buster Bottoms
  • Enter The Blockchain
  • The Whitepaper
  • Reading Glasses
  • Wow
  • Node Launcher

These traits change every Monday, each NFT with eligible traits can pull once every 3 days. Multiple prizes to win!

Good luck,


Trait perks

Not all Badasses are created equal.

  • The Grid:

    2x odds increase on all prize tiers + 20% cooldown reduction
  • Badass Blue Claws:

    65% increase on rare prize odds + 50% cooldown reduction
  • Digital Gold:

    35% odds increase on all tiers +35% cooldown reduction
  • Sadapus:

    50% odds increase on rare prizes
  • Hydra:

    3 entries per cooldown
  • Hoskinsons Vault:

    50% cooldown reduction
  • Ginger Charles:

    25% odds increase for common Hosks
  • ADA Eyes:

    20% cooldown reduction
  • Sensi:

    15% rare odds increase
  • No Brows:

    10% common odds increase

Power the machine using a Hosk with one of the traits listed above and boost your pull. Perk traits will always be eligible for entry. Oh, and did I mention they stack?